• Sfiggy goes NFT

  • 16/02/2022

Someone is coming from the past to tackle the future! ...

I'm approachine #NFT #collectibles with some fresh #digital content with old-fashioned flavour.
Collection lunching February 22nd on Opensea.com ... STAY TUNED!!!

"The Sfiggy epos is just a trip back and forth in time, with no maps, with no paths, with no preset chronological order. Adamic hero of himself, he dares, risks, crashes. Then he stops, mends the wounds and start again."

From the text by Giovanna Lacedra

There's a little, white, scarred and funny poor thing, out there. Sfiggy's his name … maybe 'cause he is a looser? Who's Sfiggy? Sfiggy is a (anti)hero of our times but he is timeless: he doesn't belong to any era and belongs to all of them. Sfiggy is an icon of himself in any time. Sfiggy is all of us! He is the part of our souls that wants to remain a child so to still be amazed by everyday life, but facing it with the self-consciousness and responsibility of an adult. Sfiggy doesn't want to forget, he wants to remember all the experiences: good or bad, joys and sorrows, successes, adversities and passions. All of them are making us what we are. Sfiggy tells us our own story, without forgetting to face everything with a smile.

Lunching roadmap so far

sifggy nft roadmap

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