Soccavo (Naples): from children's imagination a story that celebrates the role of communities and the value of inclusion. Bolognesi's mural for the Assafà educational project.
The mural was painted for the Assafà project - A social street art festival affair  and wanteb by the Orsa Maggiore Social Cooperative and the Municipality of Naples.

The project, promoted by the Welfare Department of the Municipality of Naples and with the organizational support of Inward, involved 26 cooperatives and associations operating in the educational field. Each institution has worked with the kids and children of education in order to write 26 stories, each based on a keyword linked to children's rights, which will then be represented by 26 street artists.

Bolo collaborated with the children and young people of the Orsa Maggiore educational institution who, coordinated by the team of educators, wrote a story centered on the theme of "Community" entitled: "The adventures of the animals of Incantia".

"It was complex" - said Alessio who painted the mural in 5 days of work - "trying to summarize the magnificent story written by the boys in a single image. Even more so because it is a theme that touches me closely.

We talk about Community and Inclusion, two very important and complementary words: community is not a closed concept - I believe that a community that closes in on itself is destined to disappear - but something that must be nurtured through new experiences, new people, new ideas that, from whatever part or reality they come from, must find an outstretched hand as a sign of welcome, of inclusion, of the desire to "do together". Only in this way, history teaches, cultures become contaminated and enriched. And children are the best example of this as they are still free from the prejudices that increasingly grip us in adulthood. "

The mural tries to represent this: animals of different species that realize that only by working together is it possible to overcome every difficulty. And they do so by welcoming even those who were previously feared who at that point become an integral part of the community.

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