Courage and instinct: the soul of a territory in the mural painted in 2018 for Non Solo Murales San Gavino Monreale
A spark of light and color offered by the festival "Not only murals of San Gavino Monreale", a project wanted and organized by the Skizzo Cultural Association, a review, now in its fourth edition. If initially the mural interventions bore the signature of artists from the area, in recent years the success and attractiveness of street art have attracted muralists of international importance (Ericailcane, Spaik and Gabriel Moreno).

I've painted mural nr 45 in the town of f San Gavino Monreale (Sardinia). This work that is part of the current called "nature defends nature".

From this point of view, animals and plants become the absolute protagonists of the scenes, viewers witness battles on the walls in defense and protection of the ecosystem, an ecological message that fits well into an era marked by the constant loss of biodiversity.

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