• Sommozzatore triassico

  • drawing of a prehystoric fossil


We all will be a fossil somewhere in time!

<<A reasoning that leads us to reflect on the one hand on the fascination for the remains of prehistoric animals - enormous creatures by which we all, as children, were enchanted and on which we fantasized - on the other, our thoughts turn to the future, and bring to ask ourselves about the damage that man is creating to the planet.

The ancient papers recall the color of the rocks inside which prehistoric creatures have been trapped, while the flat colors of the acrylic, the uncontrolled ones of the watercolor and the precision of the ink nibs try to bring bones and remains out of the surface by mixing them with impressions and suggestions of our future, games of shadows, of traces, of signs captured as a crossing of an interior time.>>

Extract from the critics by: Caterina Pocaterra

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