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  • Mural painted on primary school in Civitanova Marche for VEDO A COLORI 2019


Mural painted in 2019 for VEDO A COLORI project in Civitanova Marche - Italy
For the second consecutive year Bolo was a guest of the beautiful urban art project "Vedo a Colori" which, for the last 10 years, coloured the city of Civitanova Marche (MC) with the art of writer and street artist.

The "Vedo a Colori" project, conceived, created and managed by the street artist Giulio Vesprini (supported as always by his precious collaborators) moved for the first time from the harbour area reaching more institutional spaces: the schools.

Certainly, the success of the initiative that made the port of Civitanova an open-air gallery made a breach, allowing "Vedo a Colori" to conquer new spaces as well as to Vesprini to work closely with the educational realities of the territory representing the value of art in all its forms.

And this is how in June the first 3 artists worked on the walls of three schools of the comprehensive Institute "Via Ugo Bassi", they are Alessio "Bolo" Bolognesi, Sea Creative and Lucamaleonte. Later, then, a fourth mural was painted by Vesprini himself.

Alessio painted his mural "Recycled chameleon" on the nursery school in Via dei Mille, addressing the issue of recycling waste that we too often throw into our streets, into the sea or into the woods. Among the illustrative parts integrated with more "pictorial" ones (as always in the drawings of Bolo), there are many elements that can be noticed in the work: an insect made out of waste is swallowed by the chameleon that bears imprinted, on its colour-changing skin, a recycling logo; in the background are illustrative details tone over tone that go (looking from left to right) from mountains of waste to natural elements, just as the background colour turns from the red of a critical situation to the green of a clean environment. Last but least, the reference, always in the colours of the background, to the Italian flag and its belonging to Europe, recalled by the blue and yellow of the chameleon, to emphasize in particular how much our country and all of Europe must work hardly together for the protection of our planet.

Like often happens, Bolo's work is therefore full of references that at first glance can go unnoticed, leaving room for the work as a whole. Only with the desire to "see" and not just "look" the actual content of the drawing can be detected.

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