Mural painted for ARTU Urban Art Festival 2020 
Despite the forced break due to the pandemic, in the summer period some events were still able to take place in full compliance with safety regulations. One of these was ARTU, a Street Art festival that took place in Molinella, in the province of Bologna, and which had the Municipality of Molinella and Animal Blue House among its promoters. The festival was a massive event, which saw the participation, in addition to Bolo, of about 20 artists from all over Italy, including Vesod, Psiko, Andrea Casciu and many others.

Alessio Bolognesi, aka Bolo, has decided to base his work on issues inherent to the territory. The coot, in fact, is an animal that can be frequently admired in the nearby naturalistic oases. In this case, the bird carries an old water mill on its back, an element from which the name of the town originates. The mills, in fact, were used in the past for grinding wheat and exploited the many waterways that flow or flowed in the area. Finally, the coot wears a red handkerchief around its neck, in memory of the partisan struggles which, even in this area, were fundamental.

"I wanted to create a work that can be read at different levels" - Bolo explains - "the first impact is certainly due to the contrast between the bunch of colors in the background and the black of the coot which, I hope, is positive for those arriving in the village since the wall of the railway station on which I painted the mural is located right on one of the main access roads to the town. However, if you want to read beyond the aesthetic aspect, then you can stop and reflect on the references to the territory and history I wanted to include in the project "

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