• Doppler sketch

  • sketch for the doppler artwork


<<It's nice to escape if it seems right and you want it: as you close the door behind you you feel more alive, the road is always boundless prairie and the train is a long promise. But when the train moves, the wagon becomes an airless cage, tomorrow a tunnel that will lead you who knows where.>>
(Oriana Fallaci)

<<In "Di treni, scambi e passaggi a livello" series Alessio invites us to get on a train, its train, its journey and its art. The train was a source of great inspiration for the creation of his latest works. The artist's alter ego is Sfiggy, a puppet of a thousand lives, destroyed and then stitched up, with an ironic gaze on reality, but never superficial, always profound and sagacious. Sfiggy has grown over the years, has had many experiences, positive and negative. Now, at this point, he decides to take a train ticket and leave. He doesn't want to lose it, but with conviction he climbs over it. The time has come to leave, to explore the world and to relate to new people and cultures. He could have chosen other means to begin his long journey, but he chooses precisely this means, because he can look at the landscapes he passes through, observe his traveling companions, invent stories about passengers and even talk to some. The train tracks have a predetermined path, but you can meet crossroads and exchanges, as well as in life: choices made, right or wrong, or you let yourself be carried away without wondering what the destination is, without asking too many questions.>>

Extract from the critics by Irene Finiguerra (BI-Box Art Space)

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