alessio bolognesi street art

I’m born in Ferrara on 1978, where I live and create, and I’m a member of the artistic street art and graffiti collective Vida Krei (VKB).

I’m used to (badly J) sketch since I was a little child but, after some years of inactivity due to my studies in electronical engineering and to my parallel job as a 3D graphic designer, I decided to (try to) paint more actively in 2008. In 2010 I won the first awards and made first solo shows.

I’ve always been used to get bored easily, so I feel the necessity to continue evolving my language and exploring new subjects. I run the risk to not be appreciated but I can’t avoid to renew. So, after I created my alter-ego character “Sfiggy” through which I told stories about myself, I arrived to the new projects which have a wider sensibility and more general topics.

I’m naturally curious and always open to confrontation and contamination of cultures and styles and that impacts on both my fine-art works (that I show in the galleries) and murals I paint everywhere in Italy and other countries.

I’m today represented by galleries in Italy, USA and Portugal, I participate to Street Art festival and events but I still believe that grabbing my staff and spend a day painting on a wall with my friends is one of the funniest things in the world.



alessio bolognesi sfiggy street art

There's a little, white, scarred and funny poor thing, out there.

They name him Sfiggy…maybe 'cause he is a looser? Who's Sfiggy?

Sfiggy is a (anti)hero of our times but he is with no time, he doesn't belong to any era and belongs to all of them. Sfiggy is an icon of himself in any epoch.

< Sfiggy is me, is all of us! He is the part of our souls that wants to remain a child so to still be amazed by life, but facing it with the self-consciousness and responsibility of an adult. Sfiggy doesn't want to forget, he wants remember all the experiences: positive and negative, joys and sorrows, successes, adversities and passions. All of them have to be an heritage for our souls. Sfiggy tells us our own story, being touched and trying to touch the others without forgetting, from time to time, to give it up to pure fun.>